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About Us

OREM stands for : Organization Reliability Empowerment Management; When you have good OREM you will succeed in life. OREM is our key for success.

We can take care of you from a young employee all the way to a growing successful Business Owner. We have a complete array of Services that can help you do the transition from employee to a big successful corporation business owner.

OREM Accounting Tax Southern California. OREM is your one stop for all your Accounting, Tax and Business needs.

OREM was established in 2005 by Enrique Otarola, an IRS Enrolll Agent. The company first started up in the city of Los Angeles, California. Now are happy to inform you that OREM Accounting has tax accountants in Arizona, New Jersey, Nevada, Florida, New York and Utah.

All our tax accountants are trained and licensed to help you with all your tax needs: income tax filing for the present and/or prior year(s), tax amendments and etc.
OREM Accounting Tax Southern California
OREM Will donate 5% of its profits to OREM Foundation during 2013
Andres - Briare, France.
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